In 2016 Community of Hope Ministries and Rev Thomas felt God leading them to become partners.

Rev Todd visited Tommy’s House in the fall of 2016 and knew these two ministries have the same passion and love for the lost, the hurting, and to help Bro Thomas fulfill Bro Thomas vision.


For over 25 years Bro Thomas has slowly built Tommy’s House to house young boys ( Girls can no longer live there due to the Government law) and these young boys are fed, house, clothe and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, at Tommy’s House is a Bible Collage and young men and woman are educated and once they graduated, they go to world and preach the Gospel.


Tommy’s House has a church and every Sunday and Wednesday the doors open, and people come to  these services. Pastor Todd and Community of Hope Ministries has decided to help Bro Thomas open an orphanage for young girls. Young girls as you see in that video are just trash to this nation. Many are murder by the hands of their parents, some burn alive, some sold into sex trade. To build this orphanage it will cost 100, 000 thousand dollars. The work has begun, and we need you to give to Tommy’s House. You can adopt a young girl for $50.00 a month and a young girl will be saved, fed, and educated. At this time, these girls are at homes but with limited funds so many other girls cannot be saved. With your help we can help those that can not help themselves.  Write the check to COHM and an account has been set up just for Tommy’s House all your money goes write to them. God willing in 2021 Pastor Todd will be returning to India and to work with Bro Thomas

P.P. BOX 27, PUNALUR, KERALA, INDIA. PH. 405-728-1719


Ministry Bus. Children, workers are carried around in this bus.

Preparing food to distribute to poor kids on the streets and colonies


Orphanage is on the second floor. First is our parsonage. Third floor church.

Children at orphanage

The City

A baby girl abandoned by her parents for the sole reason that she is a girl.

Rev. Meredith Forsythe is building an orphanage only for GIRLS, in this state for situations exactly like this. You may send support online to PCG World Missions:- # 3705C. Thank you