Pastor Todd

Praying Cowboy

Reverend Todd Brooks was ordained a Minister in 1998. He was married 40 years with two beautiful children, Jennifer, Andrew, and three gorgeous granddaughters, Alexus, Abbie, and Alana.

Pastor Todd like most Christians failed to really understand the importance of prayer and how when we are not on our knees praying, we become vessels for Satan to use.

For years Pastor Todd was dealing with chronic back, neck, and leg pain. He found himself addicted to his pain meds and his life went out of control.

Pastor Todd began to dabble in places where no Christian should ever go. He began an online affair and his son went into his PC and found Pastors Todd's dark hidden secret.

That secret cost him the loss of his marriage, children, and granddaughters.

Pastor Todd attended counseling and battled detox, depression, and suicide. He turned his life back to God and found himself more on his knees and began to unlock prayer in his life. During one of his times of being on his knees, God told Pastor Todd to pick up the mantles of DR. Leroy Jolly a true man of God a Prayer Warrior. DR Jolly and Pastor Todd are friends.

DR. Jolly gave Pastor Todd all his sermons, notes, and studies of 50 plus years. Dr. Jolly informed Pastor Todd he was to do whatever God tells him to do with it. It was during a prayer time that God told him to pick up the mantle and to write a book using all the items Dr. Jolly gave him. Pastor Todd laughed at God. English is his worst subject, but Pastor Todd quickly learned God does not call the qualified, but the less qualified. While writing this book Pastor Todd began to understand the importance of prayer.

The time is now we who are Christians and our Churches need to “Unlock the doors let prayer in our lives and in our Churches” God has called the praying cowboy and he will travel where he is called to teach or preach the Word. Love offering and help with the travel expenses 

You can now buy my book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Earnings will be dispersed to the ministries.