Giving Support

World Missions
Matthew 28:14

We at Community of Hope Ministries World Missions believes that the Bible is
infallible and when God commands us to go and make disciples, we must follow
His command. For that reason, is why we have changed from MidMichigan to now
World Missions.
We have in no way we have forsaken our vision of working with the poor,
homeless, widows and the orphans.
World Missions means our mission is to reach every lost, poor person, homeless,
widows and every orphans
We know we cannot do this without your support and Community of Hope
Ministries World Missions wiliness to work with churches and other missions that
has the same passion as Community of Hope Ministries World Missions.
With your support we will intern use the monies to support and to help us go and
work with those that want our help.
This ministry will join other ministries to give out food, work in soup kitchens or
anywhere our God places us
This why we are Community of Hope Ministries World Missions, we understand
its more than talking about God’s great love but to show it, be it and to spread His
love around the world

Please make checks out to COHM or Community of Hope Ministries

Send to: 8975 West Halls River Road, Unit 120, Homosassa FL, 34448 

PLEASE write on memo of what you are giving to

$50.00 a month can help rescue more girls in India